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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
shall not die, but be all changed !' though he says, a parson lately reading this text in an old Bible, where the c was rubbed out, read it, not die, lut ~be all hanged!
To-morrow our Earl goes to Eichmond Park, en retird; comes on Thursday to take his seat in the Lords, and returns thither again. Sandys is very angry at his taking the title of Orford, which belonged to his wife's13 great-uncle. You know a step of that nature cost the great Lord Strafford14 his head, at the prosecution of a less bloody-minded man than Sandys.
I% remain in town, and have not taken at all to withdrawing, which I hear has given offence, as well as my gay face in public; but as I had so little joy in the grandeur, I am determined to take as little part in the disgrace. I am looking about for a new house.
I have received two vast packets from you to-day, I believe from the bottom of the sea, for they have been so washed that I could scarce read them. I could read the terrible history of the earthquakes at Leghorn: how infinitely good you was to poor Mrs. Goldsworthy! how could you think I should not approve such vast humanity? but you are all humanity and forgiveness. I am only concerned that they will be present when you receive all these disagreeable accounts of your friends. Their support15 is removed as well as yours, I only fear the interest of the Kichmondsla with the Duke of Newcastle; but I will try to put you well with Lord Lincoln. We must write circumspectly, for our letters now are no longer safe.
I shall see Amorevoli to-night to give him the letter.   He,
13  Lady Sandys was daughter of Lady Tipping, niece of Kussell, Earl of Orford.    Walpole.
14   Sir  Thomas   Wentworth,  the great Earl of Strafford, took the title of Baby from a castle of that name, which belonged to Sir Henry Vane,
who, from that time, became his mortal foe. Walpole.
15 Sir Charles Wager.    Walpole.
18 Mrs. Goldsworthy had been a companion of the Duchess of Richmond. Walpole.